10 Things To Do In Sydney For Under $10

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We’ve been living in Sydney for just over 2 years now, and we can tell you first hand: it isn’t cheap. A standard meal for 2 in a restaurant can easily cost you AU$60, and activities like climbing the harbour bridge can set you back to over AU$350! We’re not joking. However, as we’re both super frugal when it comes to living, we’ve managed to save a ton of money by thinking like a local, knowing where to go on what day and making use of all the free sights in Sydney. Sydney for under $10 is possible, as we will show you. If you want to know how we save, here are 25 ways to save money for your travel fund.

Here are 10 things to do in Sydney for under $10:

Check out the Sydney Opera House at sunset

Probably the most iconic landmark in Sydney alongside the Harbour Bridge is the Opera House. Buzzing at all hours, it really does leave you speechless (even living here for 2 years we are amazed every time we see it). Watch the sunset behind the Opera House with changing colours, head to the Opera Bar for a drink and a great excuse to dress up fancy!

Opera House


Walk across the Harbour Bridge

If you’re not prepared to spend the $350+ tickets to walk up the harbour bridge, make sure to walk along it. Although it may not have the wow factor of the bridge climb, it’s FREE! You also get amazing views of the Opera House and City.
Tip: Sunset is stunning, so try to walk across it when the sun is just setting.

Harbour Bridge


Take a ferry to Manly on Sunday

You’re probably thinking, why specifically Sunday? Because in Sydney public transport on Sunday is only $2.50 no matter how many times you travel and where you travel too! Once you’ve spent the $2.50 it caps you off at that, pretty awesome! Usually this ferry ride costs $15! Quite a saving by just going on a different day, what’s more you get these amazing city views!
However, because it’s so cheap on Sunday, to be prepared to queue for a while before getting on the ferry at both ends.

Manly Ferry


Take a train to The Blue Mountains on Sunday

Same applies for the train to the Blue Mountains, $2.50 for a 2 hour train! It’s also a must-see when visiting Sydney, you’d never think this awesome landscape was just outside the buzzing city.
It was named after the dark haze that settles above them, and it’s a perfect place for adventure-seekers, nature lovers and those who want to walk long distances. Take a bush-walk from the look out point of the three sisters all the way to Scenic World, through enchanting bush land and lush gorges, and wander past crystal and subterranean rivers in the Jenolan Caves.

Blue Mountains


Stroll through the Royal Botanical Gardens & Visit Mrs Macquarie’s Chair

Relax in the Botanical Gardens, or stroll through to Mrs Macquarie’s Chair, whatever you decide to do here you won’t be disappointed with views of the city, Opera House or Harbour Bridge within site wherever you walk.

Botanical Gardens


Eat Gelato at Bondi Beach

If you think you’ve tried gelato, wait until you get to Sydney, seriously it’s amazing! What better place to relax and soak up the sun with a gelato in hand than Bondi Beach! Maybe you’ll come across a famous lifeguard from Bondi Rescue 😉

Bondi Beach

Eat in Chinatown

Eating in Sydney is not cheap, expect to pay around $50 for 2 in a restaurant. However, Chinatown is full of cheap eats that will be your saviour if you’re wanting to stick to a budget in Sydney, as food with indefinitely eat (sorry for the pun) away your budget. Ramen is just about available anywhere, but of course the best is located in Chinatown for as cheap as $10.

Ramen Noodle


Watch the FREE fireworks at Darling Harbour

Every Saturday at 9pm, Darling Harbour hosts a pretty spectacular firework display for the public. If you’re wanting to stick to a tight budget head to Olivio Restaurant with views of the city and watch the fireworks whilst having a glass of wine and some delicious great priced Italian food!



Spend the afternoon at the airport beach

There’s a beach right by the airport of Sydney. You can find it on Google Maps by clicking this link or by putting these coordinates in: -33.947108, 151.172039.
It’s not the type of beach to go to for a swim, as it’s not particularly nice. It’s a dog beach though, so if you enjoy watching dogs play around, it’s not a bad place either. But for watching some of the planes land and take off it’s literally perfect, as it sits just meters from the international runway. If you do want to go for a swim with a view of the airport, head a bit further south along General Holmes Drive / The Grand Parade, where the beaches quickly become a whole lot nicer.

A Jetstar plane taking off during sunrise just next to the airport beach, shot from the – free – parking lot:

Airport Beach


Walk along the coast from Coogee to Bondi

One of the most spectacular walks and coastlines you could hope to see, in total the walk takes around 2 1/2 hours with stops, so make sure to do it on a sunny day. This route takes in some of Sydney’s most iconic beaches, ultimately either ending at Coogee or Bondi as it doesn’t matter which way round you go. Also in late spring, check out the free Sculptures by the Sea (www.sculpturebythesea.com) near Bondi.

Gordons Bay


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Tours I recommend in Sydney:

The following are my top 8 tours that I recommend whilst you’re in Sydney from Taronga Zoo to a Sydney Opera House Tour, treat yourself with these amazing experiences!

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10 things to do in Sydney for under $10

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