5 Things To Do On A Switzerland Mountain Getaway

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Whether you’re planning a Switzerland mountain getaway in summer or winter… there is a whole lot of stunningly beautiful countryside and scenery waiting to be discovered. Mountains and hills cover nearly all of Switzerland. The only flat parts are the beautiful lakes in-between them.

Having been to Switzerland a few times, we thought it might be a good idea to write down what we think always makes it special for us and why you should visit too. Here are our favourite five things to do when in Switzerland. They’ll definitely make us come back many times in the future!

1: Renting a picturesque mountain chalet

The most important thing is accommodation. There is no country in the world that beats Switzerland, when it comes to mountain chalets. Whenever we go to this stunning country, we make sure to book a chalet rental in Switzerland. They’ve got chalets or mountain homes for most budgets, but they all look super classy and offer a good standard of luxury.

There are thousands of them in Switzerland, even prettier than the ones you’ve seen in movies and magazines, dotted all around the country. At least for a couple of nights of your trip, make one of these your home, even if it’s not cheap. They’ve got chalets and villas for most budgets, but they all look super classy and offer a good standard of luxury.

Switzerland Villa Rental

Tip: If you go with a larger group of people, these actually become super affordable! Divide a US$1,500 a night place by ten people and you might be better off than in a city hotel.

2: Take a scenic train ride

Admire the snow-covered mountain slopes in winter or gaze at the bright green alps with cows on in summer. Overlook bright blue lakes hundreds of feet below you and spot cute villages all along the ride.

The Glacier Express is the most famous one of them and probably even one of the most famous train routes in the world. It takes you past mountain streams, deep gorges, through long tunnels and over high bridges. Even just seeing the start and end point of this route, you know you’re in for a treat: This train takes you from Zermatt to St. Moritz and vice versa, two of the most famous skiing destinations in Europe!

Glacier Express

Another seriously beautiful scenic train is the Bernina Express with almost 200 bridges along the way towards Italy. You should have a look here to check out different trips, prices, and what they offer. Oftentimes you can combine your train ride with a bus or boat ride.

Yes, there are a lot of beautiful roads as well, but if you’re driving, there’s no way you could enjoy it as much as when taking the train. Especially on curvy mountain roads you’ll be concentrated on driving rather than looking around.

3: Hike a mountain

This one might be a bit harder in winter than it is in summer, but it’s a must! You don’t have to make it up the Matterhorn, but it’s some great exercise and also fun to do, no matter what mountain you choose. Best of all, it won’t get boring even if you spent half your life out there… because there are just too many peaks to choose from! Switzerland is a haven for outdoor-loving people and known for its thousands of miles of world-class trails. Be sure to not miss out and do a bit of research on which hikes you want to do.


If you’re not fit enough to make it up there yourself, still go for it in one of the many cable cars or cog railways. The highest train station in Europe, despite it’s in a tunnel, sits near the Jungfrau peak. Together with the peaks of Mönch and Eiger, this area is known to be one of the most beautiful in Switzerland for outdoor activities. Far below lies the pretty town of Interlaken, literally meaning “in-between lakes”.

4: Indulge in chocolate and cheese

Whether you’re thinking of Lindt, Toblerone, or something else – you know chocolate is a big part of Switzerland. But that’s most likely about as far as the long-lived tradition goes in your home country. When in Switzerland, you can actually go to a whole bunch of little chocolatiers and their shops. Choose from countless different chocolate creations manufactured just behind the back door, have a taste before you decide which one to take home. Shelfs full of handmade pralines are waiting to be picked one by one – it’s literally paradise if you’re a chocolate lover like me. Be prepared to fork out quite a bit more than you would in a supermarket though, but it’s absolutely worth it!

The same goes for cheese, or as the Swiss like it: a cheese fondue. This dish is served in a large communal pot, inside it melted cheese, wine and garlic which people dip bread on a delicate long stemmed fork. This is a great dish to eat after a long days skiing or hiking, trust us it’s delicious!

Cheese Fondue

With me being a chocolate lover and Emma being a cheese lover, we can’t wait to go back and try some more creations ourselves!

5: Skiing

Whether you’re an expert or beginner, Switzerland has it all. Not only does Switzerland have some of the best and most diverse skiing in the world, but it is also home to some of the finest ski resorts including Zermatt, Verbier and San Moritz. If you’re wanting beautiful chalets, picturesque mountains and high class service look no further.


Apart from the world class resorts, there are plenty of smaller resorts in Switzerland which primarily are popular for local weekend skiers. If you want to experience the true Swiss culture and some truly historic lifts, places like Andermatt, Bruson and the Val d’Anniviers are perfect for those of you who are both powder hounds and family skiers.


There are just so many activities and things to explore whilst travelling to Switzerland, from tasting delicious local food to skiing down glaciers, there really is something for everyone here! Add Switzerland to your next trip, we can be sure you won’t regret it!

What do you love about Switzerland? Any other reasons to travel to Switzerland that we missed? Share in the comments below!

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5 things to do on a Switzerland Mountain Getaway

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  1. Erika's Travelventures 06/03/2019 at 1:17 pm - Reply

    This post makes me miss Switzerland so much!! I stayed in the Interlaken area for four days and hiked to Grindelwald and then Lauterbrunnen. In addition to what you’ve listed, many Swiss people love water activities like going for a dip in the many beautiful lakes and rivers around Switzerland! I love their culture of enjoying the outdoors.

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      Hi Erika,

      I know Switzerland is just one of those places that you keep wanting to go back too!

      Happy Travels,

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