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Austria really is the jack of all trades, and we love it so much!

It is perfect to visit all year round, whether you’re an avid hiker or skier or just want to enjoy what Austria’s beautiful cities have to offer, you will soon fall in love with this county, just like we have. In summer, head to the Austrian Alps for beautiful walks and hikes or even try mountain biking! Whereas in winter cosy up to warm fire places in beautiful Vienna or head on down to the Austrian Alps for some of the best skiing in the world.

Austria is home to beautiful history, quaint little villages make up most of the country, with most hotels being individually owned, making every visit unique and different.


Currency: Euro (€) Click here for currency conversion rates.
Language: German
Good to know: Hallo (Hello), Danke (Thank you) and Auf Wiedersehen (Goodbye).
Capital: Vienna.
Visa: 90-day Schengen visa on arrival for most nationalities – Click here for more information.
Climate: Summer is warm and crisp, autumn and spring are temperate and winters are cold, experiencing snow and freezing temperatures.
Power Adaptors: 2 pin plug – Type F and rarely plug C (Click here for full information).
Global Peace Index: Rank 3rd of 163.


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