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Bermuda’s 181 islands lie in the Atlantic Ocean, 1600km North of the Caribbean. While it might be most famous for either Bermuda shorts or the Bermuda triangle, it surely has a lot more to offer, which rarely travellers get to experience, due to high costs getting to the island and the cost of living once you arrive. However, I would highly encourage you to experience what the mysterious amazing country has to offer.

 Currency: Bermudian Dollar ($) Click here for currency conversion rates.
Language: English.
Good to know: You cannot rent a car in Bermuda without having a Bermudian Drivers License.
Capital: Hamilton.
Visa: Most nationalities do not need a visa, however click here for full information.
Climate: Bermuda stay relatively warm all year round, however from December to March temperatures can get cool during the evening, so make sure to pack a warm jumper.
Power Adaptors: 2/3 pin plug – Type A or B (Click here for full information).
Global Peace Index: N/A.

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Basic Information before travelling to Bermuda