The Best Casinos In Las Vegas

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Las Vegas is famous for it’s glitzy shows, expansive casinos and wild parties. Built in the middle of the Nevada desert, it’s really like no other place in the United States. Millions of travellers flock to the best casinos in Las Vegas every year to gamble, spend and have a great time, however is Las Vegas falling behind and becoming too old-fashioned? Some people believe there is a feeling that many casinos are now viewed as old-fashioned, and even some of the other popular forms of entertainment in town are a little bit outdated. Throw in the idea that the casinos themselves now have to compete with limitless online gaming options, and it’s easy to imagine a dire outlook for one of the world’s busiest tourist hubs in The United States.

This increasingly common assumption is actually a misconception, however. In reality, Las Vegas is doing just fine, if not better than ever. An annual tourism report from 2016 indicated increased visitor spending and a significant jump in the number of first-time visitors to the city. Apparently 27 percent of people who traveled to Vegas in 2016 were first-timers, which indicates not only that tourism is still thriving there but that they are probably doing rather well amongst younger generations.

Indeed, we even see when we look at selections of games online that many of the themes either replicate what we see in Vegas or else enforce the general idea of live casinos. For instance, there is a popular online slot reel by Playtech titled Viva Las Vegas, using a backdrop of the town and popular images from its resorts and attractions for artwork. There are countless other titles as well, and while they make for entertaining digitalslot games, many of them also exist in physical slot machine form in the Vegas casinos. So to some extent the online industry remains partially dependent on places like Las Vegas.

Despite this, we’d be silly to say that Las Vegas isn’t one of the most popular and alluring tourist destinations in the United States. The city is famous (or perhaps infamous) for The Strip and its number of shows, where numerous world-class casino resorts light up brightly displaying their superior prestige. In a way, there are so many great resorts in Las Vegas all with their own flair. From hotels designed like Venice, Paris, Rome and even Egypt!

If you’d like to be a little bit more precise about planning a trip, here’s our quick list of:

Our Favourite & Best Casinos in Las Vegas.

The Venetian

Best Casinos in Las Vegas - The Venetian

This is probably the best overall option in town, depending to some extent on what you like. The Venetian is a little bit gaudy, but thats part of what you’re looking for in a Vegas resort anyway. The architecture is meant to be reminiscent of the city of Venice, complete with artificial (but wonderful) canals behind the resort, where you can ride on the infamous Gondola. In addition, the gaming areas are unrivalled, with hundreds of card tables as well as over 1,000 slot machines, which is the most in Vegas.

ARIA Resort & Casino

Best Casinos in Las Vegas - ARIA

The ARIA is a somewhat classier option than most in appearance. It’s one of the newer resorts, known for luxury spas, excellent pool areas, and a high-end shopping centre. The actual casino is extremely nice as well, however, best known for its expansive poker rooms and for comfortable areas for sports bettors to watch games.

The Bellagio

Best Casinos in Las Vegas - Bellagio

This place is one of the most famous and ritzy hotels in Las Vegas. Famous for it’s fountains and appearances in the Ocean’s Films, it’s a great choice if you want to experience the real Vegas. It also might be the most famous casino in Vegas, though thats a tough argument to win conclusively. Basically, it’s a high-class establishment, a bit fancier than many of its counterparts, but top-notch in every little detail.

Mandalay Bay

Best Casinos in Las Vegas - Mandalay Bay

Mandalay Bay is pure fun, although it’s slightly further away from the main area. It’s most famous for its gigantic pool area (the lazy river is great fun even if you just need to relax after some time out of the gaming tables). The casino is also a draw, however, as you can enjoy most gaming options at Mandalay Bay without emptying your wallet, which is not necessarily true for some of the other options on this list.

Caesars Palace

Best Casinos in Las Vegas - Caesars Palace

This place is not as opulent as you might expect from its name or even its facade. However, that’s not to say it isn’t a perfectly good option. Caesars has a vast gaming selection and affordable minimum bets, and is also home to a pool area that, if somewhat gimmicky, does get your imagination going about ancient Roman baths and the like.

Again, there are a ton of casinos on The Strip in Vegas, meaning these are only five of many options. But for the reasons outlined here, personally they are our five favourite options when we visit Vegas, and certainly among the establishments responsible for Vegas’s continued success in tourism.

Which is your favourite resort for casinos in Las Vegas? Have we missed any out? Let us know in the comments!


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The Best Casinos in Las Vegas

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