CampEasy Review: The Best Campervan Company in Iceland!

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Every year Iceland is becoming more and more popular for travellers, and it’s no surprise! I rented from the best camper van company in Iceland, and as a result I couldn’t wait to share with you my CampEasy review! It was truly a once in a lifetime experience, that I will never forget. The land of fire and ice lives up to it’s name, and since visiting this incredible country I’m already planning to go back!

I started planning this trip months in advance, as knew I wanted to get the most out of my trip, I hired a camper van for 9 nights with CampEasy – and I could not have been happier! CampEasy have one of the highest ratings across Google, TrustPilot and Facebook for their camper van rentals, and it’s no surprise after renting with them.

Campervan, Car or Tour?

CampEasy Review: The Best Campervan Company in Iceland

Personally, I wouldn’t want to experience Iceland any other way than via camper van. It’s an exhilarating way to truly explore everything Iceland has to offer, in your own time and is a lot more economical than any other option. What’s more, once you’ve got your camper van you’ll all set, no booking of hotel rooms, expensive meals at restaurants, moving your luggage from a car to a room and no busy tourist buses or tours to wait for!

You will be able to travel on your own schedule with no other tourists to wait on. Along with that freedom, you can spend as much time as you wish at each destination. I was able to adjust my itinerary on the go and I even backtracked a couple times to revisit some of my favourite spots to capture at different times of the day.

With a camper van like CampEasy, you can do all your cooking inside the van, meaning you won’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on eating out every night, which with a car/tour you’d have too! This can honestly save you A LOT of money, and cooking in-front of impressive backdrops beats a restaurant any day!

Here are a few summarised reasons why you should hire a camper van with CampEasy instead of a car or tour:

  • Explore off the beaten places that tours don’t reach
  • Wake up to beautiful landscapes every morning
  • Beat the crowds at top tourist attractions
  • Save money on eating out every night
  • Able to adjust your itinerary as you go along
  • Not bound to strict check in and check out times which you would be with hotels/hostels
  • Freedom and flexibility
  • No hauling of luggage from car to hotel room every night
  • Cheaper overall – once you’ve booked the camper van all you need is food and petrol!

Note: Iceland is one of the most expensive countries I’ve travelled too, therefore budgeting and making sure your money stretches is important. Hiring a camper van with CampEasy makes your trip much more affordable!

Best Time Of Year To Visit?

Must Know Travel Tips For Female Travellers (1)

Iceland is beautiful all year round, however depending on which season you choose you may have to plan accordingly. Summer is totally different to Winter in Iceland, so you will need to carefully think what you are wanting to prioritise when you go.

Undecided? Here are the pros and cons of each season!


  • Midnight sun – meaning you’re not restricted by day light hours (bring an eye mask for sleeping!)
  • Good weather
  • Best time for whale watching
  • Prices are much higher
  • Busiest season and lot’s of tourists around the main attractions


  • Cheaper and a lot less tourists
  • Still long daylight hours
  • Whale watching still possible
  • Chance to see the Northern Lights
  • Beautiful autumnal colours
  • Some campsites start to close
  • Restricted daylight hours


  • Cheapest for renting camper vans
  • Beautiful landscapes with snow
  • Northern Lights
  • Daylight hours are very restricted (3 hours on 21st December)
  • Some roads will close, attractions may not be possible to see
  • Very cold
  • 4 WD is highly recommended


  • Cheap before the crowds set in
  • Beautiful flowers and colours
  • Snow is starting to melt
  • Longer daylight hours
  • Roads still may be impassable
  • Snow will turn into rain

Personally, I would recommend visiting between the start of September – late October. I visited at the end of September into October and couldn’t have asked for a better month. Everything was open, tourists were starting to thin out, I saw the Northern Lights and I had long daylight hours to explore everything I wanted!

How Long?

CampEasy Review: The Best Campervan Company in Iceland

Technically, you can drive around the entire country (approximately 800 miles) in only 12-13 hours. But of course no one would want to just bypass all the awe-inspiring sights of this beautiful country. If you’re wanting to do the full Ring Road, I suggest a minimum of 7 nights, although even this is stretching it a bit. If you want a bit more flexibility and time to see the country properly I suggest 8 – 12 nights.

If you’re only visited Iceland for a few nights, I’d suggest exploring South Iceland up to Diamond Beach, making sure you do the Golden Circle.

In this blog post, I give you my honest CampEasy review on my 9 night Ring Road road trip around Iceland!

CampEasy Review – Iceland

Overview of CampEasy Iceland

CampEasy Review: Best Campervan Company In Iceland

CampEasy Iceland are a family run camper van rental company in Iceland. It’s no wonder my CampEasy review is faultless, they are the highest rated hire company on social media and are the leading designer in camper vans in Iceland. All their campers are high quality, modern, with excellent customer service.

All campers come with the world-leading Webasto heating system. No need to plug in at a campsite, CampEasy have fitted two large additional batteries in all their campers for a minimum of 8 hours of heating every night. They are also the only company that insulate using wool.

With the added battery power, they also have charging ports in the back, USB, and 12V. In addition, they have a voltage gauge to help you estimate the remaining battery power. Getting low? Start the engine for 60 minutes and you‘re fully charged.

I was welcomed by Arnór, the son of the founder of CampEasy. All staff we so knowledgable and friendly, and were able to help and answer any questions you have. They’re very much a family business and something I really appreciate.

CampEasy Shuttle & Pre-Check In

CampEasy Review: Best Campervan Company In Iceland

Another thing that I loved about hiring a camper van with CampEasy Iceland is the ease of getting to their depot. A week before your booking date you will receive an email asking to book your FlyBus ticket to get from Keflavik Airport to the BSI bus station. This is all free of charge as well!

Once you arrive at the BSI bus station, all you need to do is call or email them and they will come pick you up and take you to the CampEasy depot.

If you’re staying in a hotel or apartment the night before, just call them up and they will pick you up straight from your hotel in Reykjavik. All of this makes the initial hiring process hassle-free and so easy, the last thing I want when hiring a camper van is a complicated check in process and extra fees. CampEasy Iceland starts you off right way!

Once you arrive at the CampEasy depot, you’ll be seen by one of their friendly staff. This involved taking copies of my identification documents, credit card imprints and finalising any arrangements for extras, insurance, drop off times etc. They then give you all the information you need about your camper, what to look out for on the roads, insurances and general driving and tips. I initially was going to go anti-clockwise starting in the south, however I’m so happy the staff told me to drive clockwise and head north first because of the weather, I got perfect conditions for the whole 9 nights because of this! So thank you so much for this!

Before you head off make sure to take photos of any scratches, marks or dents! Often times, the person who checked out your camper van hire is not the same person who checks you back in. They all treat damage differently.  Protect yourself, and get everything recorded on the contract and with your photos. I suggest going for Zero Risk Insurance, which lowers everything to 0.

Costs for damage are high in Iceland and there are many factors outside your control that can cause even minor damage.

Which Camper Van To Choose With CampEasy?

One of my favourite things about CampEasy Iceland is their range of campers to choose from. Whether you’re a couple, single traveller, family or friends they have a camper van for everyone!

It all depends on how many people you are, how much space you need during your time in Iceland and what time of year you will be visiting.

Here’s a brief overview of the camper van options:

Easy Small / Easy Small X

CampEasy Iceland: Easy Small Camper

Most economical and perfect for couples. The X version is the more ‘eXperienced’ (slightly older).

Easy Fun / Easy Fun X

Spacious and perfect for three people. The X is the ‘eXperienced’ version.

Easy Auto / Easy Auto X

CampEasy Iceland: Easy Auto Camper

Similar to the fun, but an automatic transmission. The X is the ‘eXperienced’ version.

Easy Big / Easy Big X

CampEasy Iceland: Easy Big Camper

Spacious, and perfect for families! The X is the ‘eXperienced’ version.

Easy Clever 4×4 / Easy Clever 4×4 X

CampEasy Iceland: Easy Clever 4x4 Camper

4WD, perfect for winter, comfort on gravel roads and automatic transmission. The X is the ‘eXperienced’ version.

Easy Viking 4×4

CampEasy Review: Viking Camper van

I was lucky enough to be the first person ever to test out their BRAND NEW product – the Easy Viking! It’s basically a combination of the Easy Clever 4×4 and the Easy Big. It’s honestly a real beast, and after testing it out I don’t think I could go back to anything smaller! Aimed at families for the winter months, it’s a brand new camper van with automatic transmission (I was the first to put 1 km on it!).

Therefore my CampEasy review is based on the Easy Viking, and why you should choose this camper for your Iceland road trip!

The Viking – 4WD Family Camper

As mentioned above, I cannot recommend enough CampEasy’s brand new and largest camper van – The Viking. It’s due to be ready for customers come winter this year (2019). Even if you’re a couple or just two people, it’s so spacious and not to mention you can stand up in it! Everything is brand new, which un-rivals any other camper van company in Iceland! With only myself and my best friend on the trip with me, we had plenty of space for our nine night trip around the Ring Road.

There’s three seats in the front of the van, a huge living area that turns into a massive double bed at night. In addition there is another double bed above, meaning it can sleep up to 5 people! If you split the cost, it’s so much more economical than renting a car and staying in hotels or booking tours!

CampEasy Review Living Area

CampEasy Review: The Best Campervan Company in Iceland

As we were only two people, the living area is SO spacious! By day it’s a round table with seats all around and by night it’s a massive double bed! It was perfect for a 9 night road trip, as were able to watch movies, do some work, cook and play card games in the living area.

The seats were super comfy, and underneath provided more storage for clothes and bags. The base of the seat simply lifts up, providing a large open area for storage. It’s a great spot for keeping valuables out of sight too.

CampEasy Review Kitchen

CampEasy Review: The Best Campervan Company in Iceland

Our CampEasy Iceland Viking camper van came equipped with everything I needed to make a basic meal. The kitchen drawers that locked shut when driving were equipped with a pot x2, pan x2, and a full set of dishes and cutlery for four. You’re also given camping stove with two bottles of Butane (more than enough for 9 days camping).

Within the kitchen, is a Waeco thermo cooler is perfect for keeping all your food cold. It was large enough to fit all my refrigerated food in for the entire trip in. Although I wouldn’t buy frozen food, as it will defrost.

There’s also enough space on the kitchen top to cook if the weather outside is dreadful, and you also have the main round table in your living area to cook from too. Just make sure the gas canister doesn’t emit too much gas before the flame ignites!

There is also a sink, for all your washing up and refilling of water etc. The sink system is relatively straight-forward, hooked up to a 20-litre water container at the side, but at least there is a tap for running water.

CampEasy Review Sleeping Arrangements

CampEasy Review: The Best Campervan Company in Iceland

With the CampEasy Iceland Viking Camper van you have two options for sleeping. Either the permanent bed above the living space or dismantle the table and use the back rests on the wall to create a bed in the living area.

I did try both options, and although sleeping above is a lot less hassle, I did get a little claustrophobic up there as there isn’t much head room (perfect for the kids). As a result, all but one night I dismantled the table and made the bed up in the living area. It’s more than enough room for two people, and can even sleep three!

Navy curtains cover all of the tinted glass windows, however if you are road tripping in the height of summer, with midnight sun. You will want to bring an eye-mask, as the curtains most likely will not block the sun completely.


CampEasy Review: The Best Campervan Company in Iceland

Remember, Iceland drive on the RIGHT side of the road. If you’re from the UK, Australia, Indonesia etc. This will take a bit of getting used to. It is an automatic though, so that is one less thing to worry about!

When you first set off, the Viking camper does feel massive! However, after a few hours of driving you do quickly get used to the size, the position of the road and parking. By the end of the trip I was so sad to see it go, as I LOVE driving large vehicles!

Note: ALL CampEasy Iceland campers are not allowed on any F-Roads. These are rugged mountainous roads that are poorly maintained, and are not easily accessible. Even if you have opted for the zero risk insurance you can not drive on these roads. However, don’t mistake all gravel roads as F-Roads, it will be clearly signed if you do go on one so keep an eye out.


So what do you get with The Viking? Let’s put it this way… A LOT of extras that most camper van companies in Iceland will charge for.

  • Powerful Webasto Heating (up to 8 hours of warmth per night)
  •  USB Charging Station in the Cabin
  •  Driver Guide Tablet
  •  Free Cancellation
  •  Thick Duvets, Pillows, and Linen
  •  Fridge / Cooler
  •  Sink with Running Water
  •  All Cookware / Kitchenware
  •  Insurance Included
  •  Fuel Discount Card
  •  Unlimited Km / Miles
  •  Cleaning Included

Check out the full list of inclusions on the Easy Viking 4×4 here!


CampEasy Review: The Best Campervan Company in Iceland

Now to the slightly more dull stuff…Insurance! Although probably the most important decision you will make is to whether you take out full cover or not, and this is completely up to you.

Another great thing about CampEasy Iceland is that all campers come with basic CDW and theft insurance, which includes third party liability and personal accident insurance. However, at minimum I would recommend taking out extra gravel insurance, as it’s so easy for other campers/cars to kick up bits of gravel and damage your vehicle on the road.

If you want complete ease of mind, take out the zero risk insurance which reduces everything down to zero, apart from water crossings (which you aren’t allowed to do anyway!).


CampEasy Iceland have a number of extras which can make your trip more fun and enjoyable. This includes:

  • WiFi which costs just US$5.50 per day.
  • Table and 2 chairs for outside: US$40 per trip.
  • Camping chair: US$12 each per trip.
  • Inverter: US$23 per trip.
  • BBQ: US$52 per trip.
  • Bluetooth speaker: US$12 per trip.
  • Guitar: US$39 per trip.

There are a few more extras you can add. Click here to see the full list.

Stocking Up & Fuel

CampEasy Review: The Best Campervan Company in Iceland

CampEasy Iceland offer a great initiative, which was such an unexpected highlight for our trip.  Part money-saver, part recycle and reuse, previous customers leave their unused goods on shelves that have been built inside their office to allow campers to share and trade goods that they have left after their trip. Here you can pick up all kinds of items such as oil, salt, pepper, paper towels, soup, pasta etc!

At the end of your trip, you simply return the favour and leave your leftovers here for the next person to use. It’s such a great program, and means no food goes to waste!

As for fuel, CampEasy give you a discount N1 fuel card. Do note however, that most N1’s are lot more expensive than other fuel stations like Olis and Orkan. In addition, they are all self-serve. You put your card in type your pin number, the amount you want and once it’s filled up you will receive a refund of the difference. Do shop around in the town you’re in though as prices can differ quite dramatically between gas stations.

Note: Whenever you see a gas station, refill. Iceland is fairly remote, and you don’t want to run out of fuel in the middle of no where!


CampEasy Review: The Best Campervan Company in Iceland

Campsites are easy to find in Iceland, don’t worry about booking in advance, you’ll nearly always get a space in one. In summer it might be worthwhile and economical to buy a camping card through CampEasy if you’re road tripping for more than a week.

Campsites are not cheaper however, they range between US$20 – 35 per night for two people. This doesn’t usually include a shower either which can cost up to US$8 more! This does hurt that bank a bit, but it is ILLEGAL to wild camp now in Iceland, so don’t risk it.

There is also one free camp in south Iceland fairly close to the Blue Lagoon called Gata Free Camping. It was an awesome campsite, and we stayed there for our last 2 nights of our road trip!

Drivers Guide Interface – Tablet

CampEasy Review: Best Campervan Company In Iceland

I was also lucky enough to test out CampEasy Iceland’s brand new tablet which they use as a Drivers Guide Interface. They are the only camper van rental company in Iceland which offers this. When checking in, you will be given a tablet which you can use to plan your trip, check campsites, sights of interest, weather and a chat area for any questions you have along the way.

It attaches and detaches to a magnetic holder on the front of your dashboard, so you’re able to see it when driving! It was SO handy on our trip for researching the best and nearest campsites as well as attractions that we hadn’t written down on our prior itinerary!

Camper Van Top Tips

  • Plan out a rough flexible road trip itinerary before you leave.
  • Check the camper van of any scratches, dents or bumps before you leave and take photos.
  • Don’t wear dirty shoes in the back of the camper, it’ll get real dirty quickly!
  • Before you arrive in Iceland, check the weather forecast and bring warm clothes.
  • Don’t try and cook anything too fancy, simply meals are enough and it’ll be a lot cheaper.
  • Try arrive to campsites before sun down, driving at night isn’t ideal.
  • Don’t worry about showering! There are so many thermal pools/springs to clean off in!
  • Create an epic road trip playlist, you might be driving over 2000km like I did!
  • Drive slower on gravel roads, kicking up gravel may damage other vehicles.

My Overall Experience with CampEasy Iceland

CampEasy Review: Best Campervan Company In Iceland

I know this probably sounds such cliche but I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better rental company or camper, it’s hard to say anything bad in this CampEasy review! In my opinion, they truly are the best camper van company in Iceland! It was brand sparkling new, spacious, automatic and was off road capable – gravel roads were a breeze.

Hiring a camper van gave me the freedom to discover Iceland at my own pace, in my own time without the crowds. I’m sure that is something everyone would love when travelling to this magnificent country.

From booking the camper, to staying in contact with them before my trip and booking the shuttle bus they were all so quick at replying, and were there to offer all the help they could!

Overall, I want to say a massive thank you to everyone at CampEasy for making my trip to Iceland so memorable, I honestly can’t fault anything in my CampEasy review! So as I’m sure you’re aware, I cannot recommend enough booking your Iceland road trip with CampEasy Iceland!

So what are you waiting for? Get booking!

Have you been to Iceland? Are you wanting to rent a CampEasy camper after reading my CampEasy Review? Would love to know in the comments below!

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CampEasy Iceland Review: The Best Camper van Company in Iceland!

CampEasy Review Disclosure: CampEasy Iceland provided me with a free rental. I covered fuel, campsites, food, flights etc. 



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  1. Arnór Hauksson 12/04/2019 at 2:08 am - Reply

    Hey Emma,

    Arnór here from CampEasy. It was great meeting you and your friend, and thanks for taking our new Viking out for a spin. Glad you liked it. Next time we’ll have the roof racks mounted, the activity gear stocked and our newest “Easy Extreme” ready to race. I think you’ll love that one too.

    If you’re ever flying across the pond again, send us a line.

    Cheers from the land of fire 😉

    • Emma Lomas 12/11/2019 at 1:09 pm - Reply

      Hi Arnór,

      just want to say a massive thank you as well! The new Viking is one incredible vehicle, and was so honoured to test it out for you guys! Cannot wait to see the new Easy Extreme!
      I’ll definitely drop you a line next time I’m around 🙂

      Have a great Christmas!

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