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Oman Travel Guide

Oman is a beautiful country, full of culture, heritage and stunning landscapes. It’s becoming a more and more popular travel destination every year, both for backpackers and vacationers due to its vibrant cities, array of different sites and the arrival of global hotel chains. The capital, Muscat is still very traditional and historic compared to other Middle Eastern cities like Dubai and Doha. What it lacks in modernity, it makes up for in heritage and beauty. With an abundance of natural beauty, including spectacular mountains, ever-lasting deserts and a pristine coastline, Oman is a great choice for those seeking a calmer pace whist still wanting a sense of its ancient soul.


Currency: Omani rial (﷼) Click here for currency conversion rates.
Language: Arabic and English
Good to know: In summer (May to September), temperatures can exceed 45c! Keep this in mind if you’re planning on travelling to Oman during this season. Despite this, hotel prices are significantly cheaper during the summer months.
Capital: Muscat.
Visa: Many different types of visas depending on nationality and purpose for trip. Click here for full information.
Climate: Summer is hot and dry, autumn and spring are warm with sunny days and winter can get cold, experiencing snow and freezing temperatures inland and on higher ground.
Power Adaptors: 2/3 pin plug – Type I (Click here for full information).
Global Peace Index: Rank 70th of 163.


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