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Most people’s packing technique diminishes over time, before they head off on their adventure, they pack super efficiently to maximise space and capacity in their backpack. However, as time goes on we get a lot lazier, as we tend to just throw our clothes into our backpacks until we take them out at the next hotel/hostel, and the cycle continues. However, people wonder why suddenly they find it so hard to fit all their clothes and items back in their bag, it all fitted before? so why doesn’t it now? And guess what, its all down to packing tips and techniques, and you’ll be surprised how much free space you’ll develop if you know how to pack well and effectively.

The following are a few great packing tips and tricks to becoming a packer hacker, and having more organised luggage.

      1.Roll don’t Fold

You may have heard this hundreds of times from previous bloggers, family or friends but honestly its such a great trick that will save you a tonne of space for extra little things you previously couldn’t fit in. Another great reason to use this method is that is prevents wrinkles and creases forming in your clothes.

      2.Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are your saviour, we’re not joking when we say this, but it really is THE hidden secret to packing more efficiently, organised and they maximise valuable packing space. Once you start using them you’ll wonder how you ever travelled without them! With so many sizes and colours to fit your need they will easily fit into pretty much any backpack you have.

Packing Cubes

Get your own packing cubes here!

     3.Put your chargers, earphones and cords into an old sunglasses case

This one doesn’t really need explaining, but on so many occasions it can be so easy to misplace your chargers, earphones etc. in your backpack, so any easy solution is to pack them in a soft sunglass case and then just pop it into one of your compartments in your backpack. Never loose or misplace your cables again!

      4.Pack your heaviest items at the bottom of your backpack

Items such as trainers, jeans, or thick towels that are heavy or you won’t need too often should be nearest the bottom of your backpack. This is mainly for weight distribution and if you put your heaviest stuff at the top it will push down on more delicate items and may damage them.

      5.Pack all liquid toiletries in a plastic sealable bag

Toiletry bottles such as shampoo and conditioner have a tendency to explode and leak when accustomed to high pressures like flying, therefore keeping them all in a sealable plastic bag will prevent all of your clothes from becoming covered in sticky liquid. Another tip is to try and squeeze out all of the air inside the bottle before you close it, which reduces the likelihood for it to explode.

     6. Always keep a spare plastic bag in your backpack for wet clothes

When you’re on the road you never know what adventures might be coming your way on a daily basis, therefore keeping a spare plastic bag is handy if you come across and beach or pool you want to swim in. Once you’ve finished just put all your wet clothes and towel into the plastic bag, separating them from the dry clothes and viola no wet soggy backpack for you!

     7. Put your underwear in last to fill any spare spaces

Last but not least, and this is the item you will not forget, should go into your backpack last. Fill any small compartments, spaces or sides with your underwear. This saves space and gives you easy access to a fresh pair of underwear once you arrive at your destination.

Over to you! Do you have a travel packing secret you can share with our readers? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below! 

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