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Poland is a haven for travellers, wanting to know more about its rich history. Therefore, it is definitely not a country to be missed in Europe. Most of Poland’s city centres are very beautiful, despite some of them having been rebuilt after the war. Zopot, one of the three cities in the Gdansk area, is known as the Ibiza of the Baltic Sea. Because it has so many beach parties in summer, making it a great youthful cities to visit.

Make sure to visit Gdansk, Krakow and Warsaw as these cities are the cultural hotspots, with beautiful old buildings lining the streets. Most notably, trendy new restaurants, bars and clubs are becoming more and more present throughout Poland. As a result, every time you visit, a new site or cafe has opened up. This is one of the many reasons why we love the youthful, ever developing country of Poland.


Currency: Polish złoty (PLN) Click here for currency conversion rates.
Language: Polish.
Good to know: cześć (Hello), dzięki (Thank you), and do widzenia (Goodbye).
Capital: Warsaw.
Visa: 90-day Schengen visa on arrival for most nationalities (Click here for more information).
Climate: Poland has a temperate climate with warm summers and cold winters.
Power Adaptors: 2 pin plug – Type C and E (Click here for full information).
Global Peace Index: Rank 22nd of 163.


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