6 Month Road Trip Around Australia Itinerary

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So you’re planning a big road trip around Australia? Great choice…this is my ultimate road trip around Australia itinerary!

I am just a few months away from setting off on my biggest road trip yet. I am planning on covering a distance of over 22,000km (13,500 miles) during a 6 month period, and showing you my exact itinerary that I plan to do, including my route, attractions and campsites along the way!

If it wasn’t for this amazing guide book: Camps Australia Wide 9, I’d be totally lost! If you are planning a road trip around Australia this book is a must, as you won’t always have Wi-Fi on the road!

For me, completing the lap around Australia has been my dream for the last couple of years. I decided as soon as I graduate from University at the end of 2017, I would set off on a road trip of a lifetime.

If you’re like me who needs to plan everything, this post will be refreshing and a huge time saver if you’re planning the big lap! I love planning, so writing this all out and finding all the information was great fun. The planning, buying all the essential equipment and modifying your mode of transport builds up so much excitement and before you know it, you’ll be off on a road trip around Australia!

So without further ado, here is my 6 month road trip around Australia itinerary!

Quick Facts About Our Australia Road Trip Itinerary:

Start Point: Sydney.

Anti-Clockwise or Clockwise?: Clockwise.

Distance Predicted: >22,000km (13,500 miles).

Fuel Cost: We don’t want to know!

Sleeping: Free campsites/rest areas, minimal paid campsites, and travel hacking on hotels in the cities.

Months: January – July.

Mode of Transport: Mitsubishi Pajero.

To Hire Or To Buy?

This really depends on your time frame and if you’re planning on travelling more of Australia.

If you’re travelling for up to a month, it’ll be easier and less stress to hire a camper-van/4×4 from a sp. The following are companies that I recommend.

Note: Most hire companies only operate in the major cities and do not allow you to take campers off road, unless they specify it is a 4×4. Thus, in Western Australia you may have to pick up and return your hire vehicle in Perth. If they do allow drop-off in other cities it will be Broome. Kununurra is very unlikely, which limits your road trip and one way fees are usually very expensive. Due to this, I’d highly recommend buying a car/camper-van. 




For my 6 month road trip across Australia I bought my own 4×4 Mitsubishi Pajero with an in-built bed in the back. If you’re wanting to travel off-road, on the beaches and want a bit more comfort a 4×4 is a great option. Otherwise if you’re sticking to paved roads a camper-van is probably your best option (although you’ll miss out on some amazing sights!).

In addition, at the end of the trip you’ll be able to sell your car/camper for a similar price you paid for it! I paid AUD$5500 for my 2001 Mitsubishi Pajero, and sold it 6 months later for AUD$5000.

Here is my beginners guide on how to buy a car in Australia.

Free Camping, Paid Campsites or Hostels?

Depending on where you are travelling on your road trip around Australia, will depend on whether you stay in free or paid campsites. For example, the west coast is very sparse compared to the east coast, so finding hostels is only an option in the city of Perth and town of Broome. Free camping is impossible here and paid campsites can be AUD$40 upwards per night. Making it just as cheap to stay in a hostel in these two places.

When you’re out of the main cities, I’d recommend trying out free camping. I stayed 80% in free camps when I travelled Australia, and had no issues at all. Doing this I saved several hundred dollars which I spent on activities. However, free camps aren’t everywhere and some may look sketchy, thus paid campsites are advisable.

These two resources were my wholly grail to free camping and finding camping spots along my journey, I cannot recommend them enough:

Australia Road Trip Itinerary

Sydney -> Melbourne (Day 1-7)

Melbourne to Sydney Road Trip Around Australia

Day 1: Sydney to Jervis Bay (3 1/2 hours).
Stay: Bewong Rest Area or Green Patch Campground.
Sights: Stanwell Tops, Shell Harbour, Blowhole Shoots, Shoalhaven Heads and Nowra.

Day 2: Jervis Bay to Batemans Bay (2 1/2 hours).
Stay: North Head Campground or Congo Campground.
Sights:  Jervis Bay, Ulladulla, Murramarang National Park and Batemans Bay.

Day 3: Batemans Bay to Eden (3 hours).
Stay: Wallagaraugh River Rest Area, Scrubby Creek Area or Newtons Crossing Area.
Sights: Tilba Tilba, Mimosa Rocks National Park, Eden and Ben Boyd National Park.

Day 4: Eden to Lakes Entrance (5 hours).
Stay: Gippsland Lakes Coastal Park or Metung RV Stop.
Sights: Mallacoota, Lakes Entrance.

Day 5: Lakes Entrance to Wilsons Promontory (3 hours).
Stay: Franklin River Reserve Rest Area.
Sights: Wilsons Promontory.

Day 6: Wilsons Promontory to Mornington Peninsula (3 1/2 hours).
Stay: Street or Campground (>$35).
Sights: Philip Island, Mornington, Sorrento and Portsea.

Day 7: Mornington to Melbourne Day Trip (1 hours). – We’ve already been to Melbourne a fews times so will be passing through.

Melbourne -> Adelaide (Day 7-12)

Melbourne to Adelaide Road Trip Around Australia

Day 7: Mornington to Lorne (3 hours).
Stay: Wye River Road Campground or Beauchamp Falls Reserve.
Sights: St Kilda, Geelong, Torquay, Fairhaven, Lorne.

Day 8: Lorne to Port Fairy (3 1/2 hours).
Stay: Panmure Rest Area, Lake Elingamite Campground, Princeton Recreation Reserve ($20) or Port Campbell Recreation Reserve ($20).
Sights:  Great Otway National Park, Apollo Bay, Cape Otway Lighthouse, Gibson Steps, Castle Rock, 12 Apostles, The Razor Back, Loch Ard Gorge and Port Campbell.

Day 9: Port Fairy to Grampians National Park (3 1/2 hours).
Stay:  Plantation Campground or Wannon Crossing Campground.
Sights: London Bridge, Bay of Islands, Port Fairy and Halls Gap.

Day 10: Grampians to Kingston SE (3 1/2 hours).
Stay: Kingston SE RV Park or Numbers 27-33 in Camps 9 Australia Book.
Sights: The Pinnacles, The Balconies, Boroka Lookout, McKenzie Falls, Reed Lookout and The Big Lobster.

Day 11: Kingston SE to Adelaide (3 hours).
Stay: Campsite or travel hacking on a hotel in Adelaide.
Sights: Botanic Gardens, Central Market, Genelg Beach and Semaphore Beach.

Day 12: Adelaide.
Stay: Same as previous night.
Sights: Waterfall Gully and Port Adelaide.

Adelaide -> Coober Pedy (Day 13-17)

Adelaide to Coober Pedy Road Trip Around Australia

Day 13: Adelaide to Hawker (4 1/2 hours).
Stay: Rawnsley Park Station ($27) or Caravan Park Hawker ($27).
Sights: Port Augusta.

Day 14: Hawker to Parachilna (2 1/2 hours).
Stay: Parachilna Gorge.
Sights: Ikara-Flinders Ranges National Park.

Day 15: Parachilna to Marree (3 hours).
Stay: Marree Hotel Camping.
Sights: Vulkathunha Gammon National Park.

Day 16: Marree to William Creek (9 hours).
Stay: Numbers 381 to 385 in Camps 9 Australia Book.
Sights: Outback!

Day 17: William Creek to Coober Pedy (6 1/2 hours).
Stay: Hoste/Hotel or Campground.
Sights: Coober Pedy.

Coober Pedy -> Yulara (Day 18-23)

Coober Pedy to Yulara Road Trip Around Australia

Day 18: Coober Pedy to Alice Springs (7 1/2 hours).
Stay: Gapview Hotels Campground ($15) or Travel Hacking On A Hotel.
Sights: N/A

Day 19: Alice Springs.
Stay: Same as previous night.
Sights: Rainbow Valley and Alice Springs Town.

Day 20: Alice Springs to Glen Helen Gorge (1 3/4 hours).
Stay: Serpentine Chalet Bush Camping, Neil Hargrave Lookout or Glen Helen Camping ($24).
Sights: Glen Helen Gorge, Mount Sonder Lookout, Orminston Gorge, Serpentine Gorge, Ellery Creek Big Hole, Standley Chasm ($10) and Simpsons Gap.

Day 21: Glen Helen Gorge to Kings Canyon (4 hours).
Stay: Kings Creek Campground ($34) or Kings Canyon Campground ($34).
Sights: Gosses Bluff Crater, Redbank Gorge and Tylers Pass.

Day 22: Kings Canyon to Salt Creek (1 1/2 hours).
Stay: Salt Creek Rest Area.
Sights: Kings Canyon and Rim Walk.

Day 23: Salt Creek to Yulara (2 1/2 hours).
Stay: Sandy Way Rest Area.
Sights: Uluru and Kata Tjuta. (Not Spending Too Much Time As We’ve Been To Uluru Previously).

Yulara -> Esperance (Day 24 to 28)

Yulara to Esperance Road Trip Around Australia

Day 24: Yulara to Docker River (3 hours) or Warrakurna (4 1/2 hours).
Stay: Docker River Campground or Warrakurna Roadhouse ($20).
Sights: Uluru and Kata Tjuta Sunrise and Lasseters Cave.

Day 25: Warrakurna or Docker River to Camp Paradise (5 hours).
Stay: Camp Paradise or Mananytja Rockhole.
Sights: Warburton.

Day 26: Camp Paradise to Leonora (7 hours).
Stay: Giles Breakaway and Malcolm Dam.
Sights: Laverton.

Day 27: Leonora to Norseman (4 1/2 hours).
Stay: Mt Thirsty Rest Area, Dundas Rocks or Bromus Dam.
Sights: Kalgoorlie Mine and Town.

Day 28: Norseman to Esperance (2 hours).
Stay: Cape Le Gran Campground ($20) or Lucky Bay Campground ($20).
Sights: Esperance, Lucky Bay, Thistle Cove, Hellfire Bay and Cape Le Grand Beach.

Esperance -> Perth (Day 29 to 36)

Esperance to Perth Road Trip Around Australia

Day 29: Esperance to Ravensthorpe (3 hours).
Stay: Kundip Rest Area.
Sights: Twilight Beach, Coastal Loop Road, Stonehenge, Blue Haven Beach and Pink Lake.

Day 30: Ravensthorpe to Albany (4 1/2 hours).
Stay: Bettys Beach and Normans Beach.
Sights: Fitzgerald National Park.

Day 31: Albany to Denmark (1 hour).
Stay:  Cosy Corner East.
Sights: National Anzac Centra, Little Beach, The Gap + National Bridge, Waterfall Beach and Wind Farm.

Day 32: Denmark to Pemberton (2 1/2 hours).
Stay:  Big Brook Arboretum ($15) or Moon Crossing.
Sights:  Green Pool and Elephant Rocks.

Day 33: Pemberton to Margaret River (2 hours).
Stay: Side of Road, Canebroke Pool ($15), or Contos Campsite ($20).
Sights: Hamelin Bay, Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse and Wine Tasting.

Day 34: Margaret River to Preston Beach (2 hours).
Stay: John Tognela Rest Area or Buffalo Rest Area.
Sights: Eagle Bay, Bunker Beach, Busselton Jetty, Gnomesville and Yallingup.

Day 35: Preston Beach to Perth (1 1/2 hours).
Stay: Travel Hacking for deal on hotel.
Sights: Kings Park, Botanic Garden, Sunset at Cottesloe Beach, Freemantle, Fraser Avenue Lookout and Penguin Lookout.

Day 36: Perth.
Stay: Same as Previous Night.
Sights: Rottnest Island.

Day 37: Perth.
Stay: Same as Previous Night.
Sights: City Centre, and Sights That We Didn’t See During First Day in Perth.

Perth -> Exmouth (Day 38 to 44)

Perth to Exmouth Road Trip Around Australia

Day 38: Perth to Geraldton/Cliff Head Area (4 1/2 hours).
Stay: Geraldton RV Park, Coronation Beach ($16), Goldena Bridge Camp or Cliff Head Campgrounds.
Sights: The Pinnacles, Sandy Cape Lookout, Dynamic Bay.

Day 39: Cliff Head Area to Nerren Nerren (4 1/2 hours).
Stay: Nerren Nerren Rest Area.
Sights:  HMAS WII Memorial, Geraldton Esplanade, Pink Lake, Kalbarri National Park (Natures Window) and Blue Holes Kalbarri.

Day 40: Nerren Nerren to Monkey Mia (2 1/2 hours).
Stay: Eagle Bluff Camp ($15), Fowlers Camp ($15).
Sights: Hamelin Pool Stromatolites, Shell Beach, Eagle Bluff.

Day 41: Monkey Mia to Edaggee Rest Area (3 hours).
Stay: Edagee Rest Area.
Sights: Denham, Monkey Mia Dolphins and Francois Peron National Park.

Day 42: Edagee Rest Area to Lyndon River Rest Area West (2 1/2 hours).
Stay: Lyndon River Rest Area West.
Sights: One Mile Jetty, Carnarvon, Quobba Blowholes.

Day 43: Lyndon River Rest Area West to Cape Range National Park (2 1/4 hours).
Stay: Number 387 to 394 in Camps 9 Australia Book ($20).
Sights: Coral Bay, Exmouth, Sunset at Vlaming Head Lighthouse and Turquoise Bay.

Day 44: Cape Range National Park.
Stay: Same as Previous Night.
Sights: Sandy Bay, Oyster Stacks, Yardie Creek Gorge, Drive Charles Knife Canyon.

Exmouth -> Port Hedland (Day 45 to 56 – 1 week in Bali)

Road Trip Around Australia

Day 45: Exmouth to Tom Price (6 1/2 hours)
Stay: Beasley River Rest Area or Halfway Bridge Rest Area
Sights: Tom Price

Day 46: Tom Price to Karijini National Park (1 1/2 hours)
Stay: Dales Gorge Campground ($20) or Albert Tognolini Rest Area
Sights: Fortescue Falls, Fern Pool, Dales Gorge, Circular Pool, Hamersley Gorge and Visitor Centre

Day47: Karijini National Park
Stay: Same as previous night.
Sights: Weano Gorge, Hanock Gorge, Oxer Lookout, Joffre, Knox Gorge & Kermit Pool and Spider Walk

Day 48: Karijini National Park to Port Hedland (4 hours)
Stay: De Grey River Camp, or Black Rock Tourist Park ($20)
Sights: Port Hedland

Day 49-56: Bali

Port Hedland -> Broome (Day 56 to 58)

Road Trip Around Australia

Day 56: Port Hedland to Eighty Mile Beach (4 hours)
Stay: Stanley Rest Area or Gold Wire Rest Area
Sights: Eighty Mile Beach

Day 57: Eighty Mile Beach to Broome (3 hours)
Stay: Travel Hacking for deal, Willie Creek, Barred Creek or Quondong Rest Area
Sights: Cable Beach at Sunset, Gantheaume Point at Sunset, Low Tide Dinasour Footprints, Deep Water Wharf  & Jetty

Day 58: Broome
Stay: Same as previous night
Sights: Staircase to the Moon, Chinatown, Town Beach and Roebuck Bay

 Broome -> Kununurra (Day 59 to Day 65)

Road Trip Around Australia

Day 59: Broome to Cape Leveque (4 hours)
Stay: Gambanan ($20)
Sights: James Price Point, Beagle Bay Church, Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm, Kooljaman

Day 60: Cape Leveque to Derby (6 1/2 hours)
Stay: Nillibubbica Rest Area

Day 61: Derby to Windjana Gorge (6 1/2 hours)
Stay: Windjana Gorge Campground ($24)
Sights: Windjana Gorge and Crocs!

Day 62: Windjana Gorge to King Leopold Ranges (3 hours)
Stay: March Fly Glen Rest Area or Silent Grove Campground ($24)
Sights: Lennard River Gorge and Bell Gorge

Day 63: King Leopold Ranges to Hann River (4 hours)
Stay: Hann River Rest Area
Sights: Galvans Gorge

Day 64: Hann River to Russ Creek (3 hours)
Stay: Russ Creek
Sights: Gibb

Day 65: Russ to Kununurra (6 1/2 hours)
Stay: Cockburn Rest Area or Maggie Creek
Sights: Emma Gorge, El Questro Gorge, Amalia Gorge and Zebedee Springs

Kununurra -> Darwin (Day 66 to 71)

Road Trip Around Australia

Day 66: Kununurra to Timber Creek (3 hours)
Stay: East Baines River or Big Horse Creek Campground ($6.60)
Sights: Ginger Hill Walk, Goorrandalng Walk in Keep River National Park, Kununurra, Mirima National Park

Day 67: Timber Creek to Katherine (4 hours)
Stay: Vince Connolly Crossing or King West Rest Area
Sights: Joe Creek and Nawulbinbin Walk, Timber Creek

Day 68: Katherine to Litchfield National Park (3 hours)
Stay: Buley Rockhole Camp ($13.20) or Florence Falls Camping ($13.20)
Sights: Florence Falls, Buley Rockholes and Magnetic Termite Mounds

Day 69: Litchfield National Park
Stay: Wangi Falls Campground ($13.20)
Sights: Wangi Falls, Walker Creek and Tolmer Falls

Day 70: Litchfield National Park to Darwin
Stay: Campground or Hostel/Hotel
Sights: Berry Springs Nature Park, Mindu Beach, East Point Military Museum, Mitchel Street and Defence of Darwin

Day 71: Darwin
Stay: Same as previous night
Sights: Cullen Bay, Darwin Ski Club and Lake Alexander

Darwin -> Camooweal (Day 72 to 77)

Road Trip Around Australia

Day 72: Darwin to Kakadu National Park (2 hours)
Stay: Malabanjbanjdju Campground ($12), Burdulba Campground ($12) or Djarradjin Billabong ($30)
Sights: Jaibiru, Ubirr Rock Art, Bowali Visitor Centre

Day 73: Kakadu National Park
Stay: Gunlow Campground ($30), Kambolgie Campground ($12)
Sights: Gunlom Falls, Maguk Cruise/Gorge, Nourlangie and Yellow Water Cruise

Day 74: Kakadu National Park to Katherine (5 hours)
Stay: Edith Falls ($17.60) or King Rest Area or Katherine Gorge Camp ($)
Sights: Edith Falls, Katherine Gorge Tour, Cutta Cutta Caves

Day 75: Katherine to Mataranka (2 hours)
Stay: Warlock Rest Area or Jalmurark Campground ($13.20)
Sights: Elsey National Park, Mataranka Thermal Pool & Raindbow Springs, Bitter Springs

Day 76: Mataranka to Tennant Creek (6 1/2 hours)
Stay: Kunjarra (the pebbles) or Attack Creek Rest Area
Sights: Daly Waters Historic Pub, Newcastle Waters Ghostown

Day 77: Tennant Creek to Camooweal (6 hours)
Stay: Camooweal Billabong or Inca Creek Rest Area

Comooweal -> Cairns (Day 78 to 86)

Road Trip Around Australia

Day 78: Camooweal to Gregory Downs (6 hours)
Stay: Gregory Downs Camping

Day 79: Gregory Downs to Adels Grove (3 1/2 hours)
Stay: Adels Grove Campground
Sights: Lawn Hill Gorge

Day 80: Lawn Hill National Park
Stay: Same as previous night
Sights: Indarri Falls and Canoeing

Day 81: Lawn Hill National Park to Gregory Downs (3 1/2 hours)
Stay: Gregory Downs Camping

Day 82: Gregory Downs to Normanton either Savannah Way (10 hours) or Main Way (5 hours)
Stay: Norman River Reserve or Leichhardt River Falls
Sights: Leichhardt Falls, Burke & Willis

Day 83: Normanton to Georgetown (4 hours)
Stay: Cumberland Mine Rest Area or Cobbold Gorge Village ($30)
Sights: Krys the Croc, Karumba

Day 84: Georgetown to Undara (2 hours)
Stay: Planet Earth Adventures ($12) or Junction Park Area
Sights: Cobbold Gorge and Mt Surprise

Day 85: Undara to Cairns (3 1/2 hours)
Stay: The Billabong ($20), hostel/hotel, Cairns Holiday Park ($30) or Palm Cove Camp ($30)
Sights: Undara Lava Tubes, Ravenshoe, Curtain and Cathedral Fig Tree

Day 86: Cairns
Stay: Same as previous night
Sights: Kuranda (Skyrail & Train), Great Barrier Reef and Beaches North Cairns

Cairns -> Cape York (Day 87 to 93)

Road Trip Around Australia

Day 87: Cairns to Daintree – Cape Tribulation (2 hours)
Stay: Daintree Riverview ($24), Koala Daintree Camp ($), Lynchaven ($28), Rainforest Village ($22) or Noah Beach Campground ($12)
Sights: Port Douglas, Daintree & Cape Tribulation and Mossman Gorge

Day 88: Cape Tribulation to Cooktown (3 hours)
Stay: Archer Point (permit) or Hill Top Farm ($25)
Sights: Wiyal Wiyal and Cooktown

Day 89: Cooktown to Coen (10 hours)
Stay: The Bend or Lukin River Rest Area

Day 90: Coen to Moretown Telegraph Station (7 1/2 hours)
Stay: Moreton Telegraph Station Camp ($20)

Day 91: Moretown to Elliot Falls (6 hours – 170 km)
Stay: Elliot Falls Camping ($10)
Sights: Fruit Bat Falls and Elliot Falls

Day 92: Elliot Falls to Cape York (5 hours)
Stay: Loyalty Beach ($24), Seisia Holiday Park ($24) or Punsand Bay ($)

Day 93: Cape York
Stay: Same as previous night
Sights: The tip of Cape York, Punsand Beach

Cape York -> Townsville (Day 94 to 100)

Road Trip Around Australia

Day 94: Cape York to Elliot Falls (5 hours)
Stay: Elliot Falls Camping ($10)

Day 95: Elliot Falls to Moreton (6 hours)
Stay: Moreton Telegraph Station Camp ($20)

Day 96: Moreton to Coen (7 1/2 hours)
Stay: The Bend or Lukin River Rest Area

Day 97: Coen to Port Douglas (9 hours)
Stay: Hostel/Hotel or Campground ($)

Day 98: Port Douglas to Bramston Beach (2 hours)
Stay: Babina Rotary Park or Bramston Beach Campground ($24)
Sights: Hartleys Crocodile Park, Port Douglas, Cairns and Babinda Boulders

Day 99: Bramston Beach to Cardwell (2 hours)
Stay: Bilyana Rest Area or Murray Falls Campground ($12.70)
Sights: Paronella Park, Mission Beach, Tully and Murray Falls

Day 100: Cardwell to Townsville (2 hours)
Stay: Saunders Park or Bluewater Park
Sights: Wallaman Falls and Paluma Range National Park

Townsville to Brisbane (Day 101 to 113)

Road Trip Around Australia

Day 101: Townsville to Airlie Beach (3 hours)
Stay: Seabreeze Tourist Park ($29), Flame Tree Village ($30), Island Getaway ($30), Hostel or Cruise
Sights: Bowen, Horseshoe Bend Beach

Day 102: Airlie Beach
Stay: Same as previous night
Sights: Shute Harbour, Whitehaven Beach and Snorkelling

Day 103: Airlie Beach
Stay: Same as previous night

Day 104: Airlie Beach to Mackay (2 hours)
Stay: Smalleys Beach Camp ($12.30), Platypus Bushcamp ($15), Crediton Hall Camp ($11.50), Broken River Bush Camp ($11.50) or The Leap Hotel (Free with Drink/Meal)
Sights: Eungella National Park famous for Platypus, Finch Hatton Gorge and Cape Hillsborough National Park

Day 105: Mackay to Agnes Water (6 hours)
Stay: Boyne River Rest Area and Workmans Beach Camp ($22)
Sights: Yeppoon – Wreck Point Lookout and 1770.

Day 106: Agnes Water to Hervey Bay or Rainbow Beach (4 hours)
Stay: Ross Creek Store Rest Area, M.V. Sarawek ($12.70) or the Oaks Campground ($12.70)
Sights: Hervey Bay, Rainbow Beach, Carlo Sand Blow

Day 107: Fraser Island
Stay: Fraser Island
Sights: Sunrise Eurong Beach (75 mile beach), Eli Creek, Maheno Shipwreck, Indian Head and Champagne Pools

Day 108: Fraser Island
Stay: Fraser Island
Sights: Lake Mackenzie, Central Lakes Scenic Drive, Southern Lakes Scenic Drive, Lake Garawongera Drive and Northern Forest Drive

Day 109: Fraser Island to Noosa (1 1/2 hours)
Stay: Browns Creek Rest Area or Hotel in Noosa
Sights: Noosa, Noosa National Park, Hells Gates, Fairy Pools, laguna Lookout, Main Beach, Alexandra Bay, Devils Kitchen, Cooks Monument and James McKane Lookout

Day 110: Noosa
Stay: Same as previous night
Sights: Coastal Drive to Sunshine Coast, Kondalila National Park, Scenic Drive 23 and Gardner Falls

Day 111: Noosa to Brisbane (2 hours)
Stay: Wyllie Park Rest Area
Sights: Glass House Mountains, Sunshine Coast

Day 112: Brisbane
Stay: Same as previous night or hostel/hotel
Sights: Mt Coot-tha Lookout, Ferry on Brisbane River, and Southbank Promenade

Day 113: Brisbane
Stay: Same as previous night
Sights: Fortitude Valley, Botanic Gardens and the City

Brisbane -> Sydney (Day 114 to 118) – We’ve already done this 😉

Road Trip Around Australia

Day 114: Brisbane to Springbrook National Park (3 hours)
Stay: The Settlement Camp ($12.10)
Sights: Gold Coast and Springbrook National Park

Day 115: Springbrook National Park to Byron Bay (2 hours)
Stay: Tyagarah Rest Area or Hostel
Sights: Byron Bay and Cape Byron Lighthouse

Day 116: Byron Bay to Coffs Harbour (3 hours)
Stay: Pebbley Beach Camp ($24)
Sights: Lennox Head, Ballina, Yamba, Sealy Lookout and Muttonbird Island

Day 117: Coffs Harbour to Port Macquarie (2 hours)
Stay: Burrawan Rest Area
Sights: Dorrigo National Park and Burrawan Old Bottlebutt Tree

Day 118: Port Macquarie to Sydney (4 hours)
Stay: Hotel/Hostel
Sights: Newcastle and Lake Macquarie


So there you have it! My rough road trip around Australia itinerary. You’re probably thinking, 118 days does not add up to 6 months. Correct, it doesn’t. But as road trips never stick to a solid plan and because people usually stay longer in places they love, so I’ve left roughly 2 months out to use it as my free-will and yours too! For example, I might take the car ferry from Melbourne over to Tasmania for a couple of weeks.

I don’t like to plan too much so having this much to spare makes me feel more at ease which I’m sure you’ll agree with too!

My Favourite Tours In Each Major City:








Before setting off on your big road trip around Australia take a look at:

This book was literally a life-saver when it came to planning and I know it’s going to do the same job on the road!

Buy Now!

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6 Month Road Trip Around Australia Itinerary


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  1. Kay 10/01/2017 at 4:15 pm - Reply

    Just found your blog. My sis lives in Australia and I’ve been once. Excited to follow along!

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      Hey Kay,

      Thanks 🙂 Your sis lives in an amazing country, we love Australia <3

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        How do you manage petrol for the trip? Are there enough stops? I.e. through kunnanurra to darwin etc… ?

        • Emma Lomas 12/07/2018 at 5:43 am - Reply

          Hi Mel,

          Great question! So we didn’t have any issues on our trip around Australia with fuel, we didn’t even use our jerry can once. So between Kunnanurra and Darwin there are places like Timber Creek, Katherine for example. But if you are worried about fuel I’d suggest buying a 20 liter jerry can and attaching it to your roof rack/spare back tyre.
          We also used the app FuelMapAustralia which was our wholly bible when it came to checking fuel prices in each location. Highly recommend it!

          Happy travels round Australia 🙂

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    That’s a very ambitious plan – hope it turns out well for you!

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      Happy Travels,

  3. Michelle 10/07/2017 at 4:03 pm - Reply

    Whoa! When you said you love planning, you weren’t lying! 🙂 This is a comprehensive itinerary and it looks great! Personally, I don’t think it’s too ambitious as you’re missing out on some of the big places since you’ve already spent plenty of time there (like Sydney & Melbourne). Are you taking a tent or do you have a roof top tent? We’re towing around a camper trailer and there were some rest stops where we felt like we couldn’t put the tent out because there was nowhere to put pegs in. (But we were being a bit wussy too. :-O) And I love that you’ve managed to plan all this out but still leave 2 months buffer, I’m sure you’ll use that up no problem.
    That book looks great, but I’m sure you’ve heard (and if you haven’t already, you’ll hear it a gazillion times before the end of your trip) that WikiCamps is THE app to get. It really is. At just $7 it will be a good addition to the book.
    I know you’ll have an amazing time… we are. 🙂

    • Emma Lomas 10/07/2017 at 6:12 pm - Reply

      Hey Michelle,

      haha maybe a little OCD with this plan 😛 Yeah we’ve pretty much done the whole east coast anyway so we are wanting to spend more time in others parts which we have yet to visit.
      We are actually sleeping in the back of our 4×4! We’ve made a bed and it’s ready to go, but we also have a 3 man tent if we need it 🙂
      Yes WikiCamps is amazing, I’ve heard so many praises towards it too so will definitely be downloading that before we leave.
      Thank again and have an amazing time touring Australia, we can’t wait!

      Happy & Safe Travels,

    • Tais Robin 07/14/2019 at 6:51 pm - Reply

      I’m planning to do a road trip around Australia using roughly the same itinerary as you, but I only have 5 months do it..do you think it’s enough time? Did you use the 6 months?
      I was also wondering if you had crossed a lot of roads that require 4*4?

      • Emma Lomas 07/30/2019 at 11:11 am - Reply

        Hi Tais,

        Yes! 5 months is definitely enough time. In the end I took just over 5 months to do the trip and it was perfectly fine and allowed me to see everything I wanted too 🙂 Just be prepared for very long drives in the outback (8-9 hours a day!). Personally on my trip I did need a 4×4 as I went off road a lot and wanted to see the real outback. However, if you’re not too fussed and want to just stick on main road a station wagon or camper is definitely fine! Although some really awesome sights in the outback to require a 4×4 🙂


  4. Pete 01/04/2018 at 7:02 pm - Reply

    Glad you’ve got a solid buffer. I looked at your planned down to the last campground itinerary, that will be hard to follow!

    Besides, you’ll be wanting the odd day here and there to do nothing, to do the laundry, enjoy a good internet connection, catch up with friends, repair the car etc. etc. Much as I love a good road trip, sometimes yet another day behind the wheel is hard to take.

    You might want to consider an underground stay in Coober Pedy. There are some very well done caves there. We staid in one in 2016, had a fabulous time. An eccentric place with people to match.

    • Emma Lomas 01/07/2018 at 9:41 am - Reply

      Hi Pete,

      thanks for your input, of course we know that we cannot physically stick to this guide, it’s more of just a rough outline that we know we want to head for so we can see roughly how many days we have left over at the end to play with 🙂
      Yes, we’re already looking into that, Coober Pedy sounds amazing, and very different!

      Thanks and happy travels,

  5. Scott 05/06/2018 at 10:39 pm - Reply

    I am curious about the Uluru to wa section.
    Is it traversable easily? Or is that section rugged?
    I want to do something similar but don’t want to backtrack all the way back to port Augusta

  6. Alex 09/19/2020 at 11:44 pm - Reply

    I don’t know of you still keep tabs on this blog post, but I was wondering how much you ended up spending total (not including buying the car!) I’ve got my 4×4 ready to go once covid restrictions ease, planning a similar itinerary for 6 months. Just curious about the end cost!

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