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South Africa Travel Guide

South Africa is one of our favourite countries to visit. It is just so diverse, whether you are visiting Cape Town’s beautiful coastline and Table Mountain, or watching sunrise in Kruger National Park. This country is hard to beat. Spotting the Big 5, has got to be top of your to do list, whilst in this amazing country. With so many national parks it will be hard to not spot at least some one! Just outside Kruger lies the beautiful Gods Window, Three Rondavels and Pilgrims Rest, all worth a visit as you make you way from Johannesburg to the north. If you head south, make sure to visit the wine regions on your way down to Cape Town, to catch a glimpse of Italian like scenery.

South Africa is generally a safe country, if you stick to guidelines, and follow common sense. Don’t flash valuables in public places, and always stay in groups at night and never go into dark alleys in the big cities like Johannesburg, or you’re asking yourself to get pick pocketed.


Currency: South African Rand (ZAR) Click here for currency conversion rates.
Language: 11 official languages, however English and Afrikaans is widely spoken.
Good to know: Hallo (Hello), Dankie (Thank you), and Totsiens (Goodbye).
Capitals: Pretoria, Cape Town and Bloemfontein.
Visa: Some nationalities may need a visa for entering, Click here for full information.
Climate: South Africa has warm dry summers, with little rainfall, however during winter it can get quite cold, especially at night so bring a warm jumper.
Power Adaptors: 2/3 pin plug – Mainly type M sometimes C, D or N (Click here for full information).
Global Peace Index: Rank 126th of 163.

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