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If you are looking for inspiration or you’re new to travelling, this page is for you.

get inspired

Making the big move and pushing yourself outside your comfort zone is a hard challenge that every traveller and backpacker has had to face sometime in their life. However, in reality life on the road is really not as hard as you think. Yes there are times where you wish you were snuggled up in your own bed at home or watching Friends by the fire on a cold winters day. But honestly travelling is such a rewarding experience and you shouldn’t let your fear overcome or hold you back from making the best decision of your life. If you are motivated and inspired to travel, then nothing will stop you from achieving your dream.

Here is just a small quote we go by: ‘We Travel Not to Escape Life, But for Life Not To Escape Us’.

The following articles below, are some relatable and inspirational posts to help you reach your dreams of becoming a LuxuryBackpacker in no time. Whilst not feeling guilty of leaving your desk job behind! Happy Reading.

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