Why You Should Leave Your Job And Take An Adventure Of A Lifetime

/Why You Should Leave Your Job And Take An Adventure Of A Lifetime

Why You Should Leave Your Job And Take An Adventure Of A Lifetime

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Do you want to leave your job to travel the world? Well you’re not alone. Everyday hundreds of people across the world dream about leaving their job to travel the world. However, very few individuals actually make this brave move and take a plunge into the world of travelling. Whether it’s because they are afraid of not finding another job once they finish their adventure. Or just because their friends and family will disapprove of their decision, the list can be endless.

These are all probable and adequate reasons. But in reality you can’t let these decisions and doubts limit your dreams. We strongly go by the quote: “Live everyday like it is your last!” and you should too! (For more Inspirational Quotes click here). You never know whats around the corner. So if you are on the fence between leaving your job and going travelling, I think you know the answer we are going to give to you!

Lets think about it here: you quit your day job, whatever it may be. Leaving the good old nine-to-five behind, you pack up all your essentials, and off you go and explore what the world has to offer, sounds ideal right!

Here are our top 10 reasons:

  1. Travelling changes you: in a good way. – It eliminates every prejudgement you’ve ever had in your mind. Whilst making you a more well-rounded person in so many ways, putting it simply it turns you into an awesome individual. (Keep Calm and be Awesome!)
  2. You become more experienced and knowledgeable. – Whether it’s by learning new languages to get by. For example Spanish in South America, or experiencing new cultures you never knew existed.
  3. You become more sociable. – Wherever you are in the world you will always be meeting new people from different walks of life. This is especially true when you travel solo, which in turn is actually what most people are afraid of. This is silly as almost everyone on the road will be in the same situation as you! We can honestly say through previous experience, travellers are the most friendly people around, and so many of our best friends have formed through this!
  4. Travellers are more adventurous. – When we learn more about the world, we push our boundaries more. We try new things we didn’t dream of doing previously, and we become more open to different ideas and opinions. Before we started travelling we never dreamed of sky diving in South Africa from 12,500 ft, but we did. Why? Because we wanted to push my boundaries. Are we glad we did it? Hell Yeah!
  5. New Perspectives. – You learn to see new things from different view points and perspectives. Travelling teaches you that there is not only one solution to something that needs be addressed, instead it gives you a wider outlook to life.
  6. Less Materialistic. – Emma is guilty here, she’ll admit that she is a materialistic kinda girl! But travelling has brought it down a notch. You realise how little stuff you actually need when on the road, and all those luxury items including hair straighteners, makeup and heels are a thing of the past. But as we are a luxurybackpacking couple we do like our luxuries from time to time. And we are sure you do too. So stick around on further information on how to live a little luxuriously when backpacking.
  7. You become more patient and relaxed. – Desk jobs can be stressful at times, whereas being a traveller you just go with the flow. Miss your bus from Vietnam to Cambodia? No worries just catch the next! Because if you’ve learned anything from being on the road it’s that there’s always a solution that works out in the end.
  8. Tick off all your bucket list dreams before it’s too late. – Travel while you’re young, seriously!
  9. More Interconnected. – Meeting new people from different countries provides you with great opportunities to stay connected, and you’ll always have local friends and lots of places to visit in the future once you end your adventure. For example, we’ve met people from USA, Australia, Netherlands, India to name just a few, and it always gives us a great opportunity to visit them and gain even more insider local knowledge of these places.
  10. You find yourself. – Yes we know this sounds corny and cliche but in reality it is the truth! All of the above reasons relate back to this, you understand yourself so much more when you travel, and find many more things about yourself that you never thought you could or would do.


With our top 10 reasons why you should quit your job and travel the world explained. There is no excuse to why you shouldn’t plan your next adventure, pack up your bags and head into the world of travel!

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